Cain – Preview

“Cain”, a solo exhibition by Ben Bejerano at Inga Gallery features paintings made in the past year.

Surreal happenings bear signs of the present; a fake ideality, violence and destruction, an optimistic vision collapsing into reality; the old residing side by side with the new.

An all-encompassing painting: both future, past and present, it is naïve in its ambition. The mind can sustain reality – the heart brings ruin; a punk-impressionism.

A preservation of tents frozen at the feet of a shattered wall; the Temple Mount on fire, and Chagall’s fiddler floating above a Mediterranean shtetl.

Jerusalem covered with graffiti, scribbled over; men of dark complexion, in shiny overalls, proceeding like a herd through a wadi, ejected. A waste mountain; a tower of Babylon, with Religious (Haredis) Jews ablaze on its roof; a gazelle, iconic in shape, surrounded by female bodyguards, looks organic, crowned and made-up; fragments of broken Buddha statues.

CAIN – Images

Shagal #2   170x120cm   Oil   2011 /

Punkimpressionism  180x130cm  Oil  2011 /

Afrika  180x130cm  Oil 2011 /

Buddha’s Son  180x130cm Oil 2011 /

After(W)all  170x120cm  Oil 2011 /

100 Gates  130x180cm Oil 2011 /

Shagal#1  170x120cm oil  2011 /


This no love song    130x180cm  Oil  2011

Shagal#3  170x120cm  Oil  2011 /

BloodyDeer  50x60cm  Oil  2011 /

Grave yard     180x130cm    Oil  2010 /